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Maria Ohni

"Starving myself on a diet, I would lose only up to 5 kilograms...And now, thank to just a few drops, I've lost 16 kilograms!"

I would like to share my way of losing weight and also some exciting news.

So, my dears, have you missed me? !! đŸ˜‰ Sorry that I haven’t written anything for a long time. But I have a good excuse! Ready for a cooler story than ‘Pretty Woman’ with Julia Roberts???

Look at me! …it’s me! I can’t believe it myself. I like myself so much that I can’t stop looking at myself in the mirror!

How could I hide such beauty under the excess weight? What a fool I was! Here, I’ll leave a couple of photos for those who are visiting my blog for the first time.

Now that I am slim, I am so happy! I’ve won the man of my dreams… ahh… but that’s not all! Just have a little patience, and I’ll tell you everything!

Living with so much excess weight, I had become accustomed to the fact that men didn’t even look at me. I can’t say I didn’t care about my big belly. Yes, I cared a lot. I had many complexes. It embarrassed me a lot to take off my clothes on the beach or in front of others, and it was even worse if it was in front of men. As for love, no one was interested in me.

Now I am a different person! And I’m not ashamed to undress on the first date. Well, now I can’t do that because I’m a committed woman! And no, I’m not backsliding again! I’ll tell you everything gradually.

So, I was over 30, without a husband or family, when an old friend of mine, Marisa, wrote to me on WhatsApp to invite me to her wedding in the United States!!!

It can’t be, I thought! I mean, of course, I knew she had moved there for work. But a wedding?? She used to be three times heavier than me! Who could have set their eyes on her?!

So, I said to myself, ‘I’m going!’ Surely her boyfriend’s friends are also lovers of curvy women, and there will be an opportunity to meet someone.

I also want a body like that, those heels, and to get married. Darn!

I arrived in New York, settled into a hotel, and the next day, I took a taxi to the given address. When I saw my friend Marisa, I was amazed!! She wasn’t the chubby girl I knew; she looked like a model! Well, maybe not the 90-60-90 type, but close. I could only think of one thing: damn, how did you do it?! And to top it all off, when I saw her husband, he too was an Apollo. A handsome man who was also rich with a successful business!

I envied her to death

Of course, I didn’t find a man at the wedding… The guys didn’t even look at me. Out of the great frustration I had, I ate two pieces of cake and went back to the hotel.

“This cannot go on like this…”

I couldn’t stop repeating this phrase in my head.

The next day, I went to Marisa and her husband’s house and asked how she managed to lose weight.

‘Did you follow some kind of diet?’ I asked.

She replied no, saying that she ate what she wanted, often went to McDonald’s, didn’t go to the gym, didn’t run in the morning, and hadn’t undergone surgery.

And do you know what she revealed to me?

Are you ready for the million-dollar secret?

She said, ‘Come back tonight, and I’ll give you the elixir for a perfect body and a successful marriage!’

And what do you think I did? I rushed back!

She handed me a glass with a liquid of beautiful color and smell. She said, ‘This is my secret! I drink it and lose weight. 25 drops twice a day.’

‘Is that all? Are you kidding?’ I said.

She smiled, ‘Try them, and you’ll see!’ She gave me the link to the website where she had ordered them. The drops are called IdealFit.

And why didn’t I know about this before?!

So, I bought 4 bottles as my friend Marisa recommended. I had nothing to lose, only lonely nights and a protruding belly!!

If I had known about these drops earlier, I would have gotten married much sooner and with a model-like body.

Now I am beautiful! I am getting married and have an enviable body! Changing careers… I have to think about it XD

As for my future husband… what can I say… a real man. He was very lucky to have met such a sexy woman like me. A very handsome man who loves me a lot. I am so happy that I want to jump for joy!

How did I do it?

It took me just 40 days to achieve this result. Really! I couldn’t even imagine that I would have such a figure!

I took the drops twice a day and enjoyed life. The preparation contains goji berry extract, green tea extract, N-acetyl-L-carnitine, guarana seed extract, a complex of vitamins, and so on.

Now I am always in the spotlight! Men flatter me as I walk by. And even though I’m not used to it, now I take advantage of it.

With Giorgio (my boyfriend), it was love at first sight. He is tall, handsome, with blue eyes and dark hair, and a muscular body.

I couldn’t resist his charm for long. We’re getting married soon!

Life is short! Better to live with the best body and the best husband!! Only that way!

So, girls, we must take advantage of all the opportunities that life offers us. Always seek the best!

Love yourselves, and you will be loved!

These drops have completely changed my life! Thanks to my friend who saved me! And I spent only about 100 euros

I will write to you soon and tell you all the details of the wedding!!!

And for the honeymoon, we are going on a trip around the world.

P.S. If any of you don’t like your body, I recommend starting to take these IdealFit drops as I did one day!

P.P.S. By the way, I bought the drops here, now they are on sale with a 50% discount. Try them! I’m sure they will help you too!

The official IdealFit website in US


Chiara Mossi

Ho appena letto il tuo blog e mi hai impressionato, comprerĂ² le gocce anch’io, spero di acqustare IdealFit con lo sconto!

pubblicato 1 ora fa

Anna Biondi

Mio marito ed io le abbiamo prese insieme e abbiamo fatto un ciclo completo. Abbiamo perso tanti chili!” Ora nessuno ci riconosce, ci dicono che siamo ringiovaniti, e noi a proposito ne abbiamo 50!!!

pubblicato 2 ore fa

Giulia Cassi

Funzionano! Per me è stato l’unico metodo efficace per perdere peso senza il senso della fame o soffrire in palestra

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