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How to lose 20kg in 3 weeks?

Published on January 4, 2024 | Author: Jenny


Losing weight is something I’m genuinely afraid of

I’m someone passionate about food and often indulge myself in fast food. I believe many of you do too, right? Furthermore, I frequently go out with friends to enjoy various pastries and foods at the different places I visit. And you know, being an office worker, sitting and typing on a computer for hours without any physical activity had led me to reach a record weight of 80kg. You can see it in the picture. It’s hard to believe it was me back then.

This is what happened: Weight: 80 kg. Height: 163 cm

I decided to start the diet with buckwheat and chicken breast as the menu for the whole week. From all the information I read, I thought this recipe would help me shed that extra weight. Unfortunately, my resolve only lasted for 2 days, and it was terrible! Variety? None. Stress? Absolutely! No sauces, no seasonings; nothing had any flavor. The whole time, I was craving all those delicious foods in the world. This was the moment I realized I wouldn’t be able to endure the rest of the week if I only ate chicken breast and buckwheat. I had no choice but to look for other alternatives.

But my current self, a girl with a slim figure, 57kg, 163 cm, looks pretty good, doesn’t she?

Lately, browsing through various websites made me realize and accept that I’m not the kind of person who enjoys following strict diets and food restrictions. On all these websites, people were discussing how eventually, I would regain all the weight I had lost. I wanted to lose 12 kg, but my job, from 9 AM to 8 PM, didn’t allow me to maintain a regular workout routine to stay in shape. My friend called me to invite me to her wedding, but I didn’t want to attend because I felt self-conscious about my appearance. She was very disappointed, and so was I, so I decided to confide in her about my situation.

My friend, Lisa, had always had a curvy figure, but over time, she had slimmed down to a size 12. After hearing about my concerns, she decided to share with me the secret that had helped her lose those extra pounds: Fast Lean Pro. I had my doubts about the results, but I also wanted to give it a try because in just one year, my friend’s appearance had changed significantly. Furthermore, Lisa’s wedding was scheduled for January 4th, which meant I only had 3 weeks to prepare before fitting into a size 12 dress and looking fabulous. On that day, Lisa shared with me a website where I could order Fast Lean Pro without needing a medical prescription and without having to visit a pharmacy. I placed my order using this link.

At present, in the new year, I am much more confident about my physique. I joyfully attend many gatherings with friends and continue to indulge in my passion for food. I have also discovered the purpose of my life, and we are preparing to introduce both sides of the family. Oh, I am very happy with my current life.

Share some information with everyone about Fast Lean Pro

Fast Lean Pro is the only formula that mimics the mechanism of fasting without requiring you to skip any meals. It will deceive your brain into thinking that you are in a fasting state and instruct every fat cell in your body to release and eliminate the fat it is holding and then self-destruct.

It will also cause all the other old defective cells in your body to be replaced by fresh new cells, in perfect condition. That is why Fast Lean Pro is not only the most effective weight loss solution.

It is also the only natural solution to erase a decade off your face and body without involving any kind of cosmetic procedures. Fast Lean Pro is twice as effective as hyaluronic acid, and people have compared it to Botox injections.

Benefits of using Fast Lean Pro:

  • Steady weight loss that does not return to the initial state
  • A strong immune system
  • High levels of energy
  • A more youthful body.

Best wishes to everyone for successful weight loss and confidence in themselves!



Jessica John

Great. I’m also using it. Surprisingly effective, and I’m very happy with my current physique.


My physique has undergone significant changes.


WOW!!! My physique is making me feel tired. Thanks for sharing this article. I will give it a try.


When I gave birth, I also experienced a significant weight gain issue. Due to my eating habits, I couldn’t control my food intake to lose weight. My younger brother, who is a doctor, recommended Fast Lean Pro to me. It has been really effective. Currently, I am very happy with my body shape and confident in wearing tight-fitting clothes. I feel like I’m 24 or 25 years old, not a mother of two.


Fast Lean Pro is a essential product for women like us to regain our postpartum figure. I am using it as well, and it’s very effective. Not only does it help with weight loss, but it also seems to rejuvenate my skin.


I have used it and found the results to be very good. I have also shared Fast Lean Pro with my friends.


It’s clear that all guys prefer slender girls. I feel like I should lose weight to improve my health and appearance. The most important thing is to choose healthy weight loss methods that suit you. Keep a positive attitude and maintain a healthy lifestyle!


It’s really interesting reading your blog. I’ve also faced many difficulties with dieting. I feel stressed when I have to refrain from eating my favorite dishes.